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Q: Are you going to update the website?


A: Yes. Absolutely. We're contacting bands, vendors and partners right now. Updates are coming! For now, mark the date on your calendar: Sat., August 11, 2018! Smack dab in the middle of #AkronHomecoming Month

Q:  Is the Signal Tree Festival happening at the Signal Tree?

A: Nope. It’s at Lock 3 and Lock 4.

Q: Then why call it Signal Tree Fest?


A: Because it’s a celebration of what makes Akron unique, the people and things that distinguish this city from others. 


Q: Huh?


A: That’s what the Signal Tree did hundreds of years ago for travelers coming off the Cuyahoga River. It told them they were at the Portage Path. Now, it’s a symbol of Akron itself, the kind of thing that tells you where you are.


Q: But why not something like Blimp City Fest or the Rubber City Celebration?


A: We love the blimp, and rubber will forever be in the city’s cultural DNA. However, the blimp flies over hundreds of cities and every city has tires, which are now mostly made somewhere else. But, the Signal Tree endures. It’s rooted here, preceding tires, blimps, the canal, oatmeal, marbles, Sojourner Truth, John Brown, Pflueger, AA, AASBD, the PBA, the first police car, the first championship team of what would become the NFL and for that matter, the city itself. The Signal Tree was a harbinger of the Akron’s fascinating quirks and is now a fitting emblem for them, from Cadillac Hill, paprikash, sauerkraut balls and the Soap Box Derby to Lawson’s Chip Dip, jojos, Galley Boys and the Glendale Steps.


Q: Wow. I’m kind of like super-excited about it now.


A: No question. I mean literally, that’s not a question. But I appreciate the chance to further plug Signal Tree Fest at Lock 3 on Sat., Aug. 11, 2018.


We start at 9 am with yoga led by Gretchen Horinger in Lock 3 and meditation in serene Lock 2 with Yoga Squared's Nikki Shell at 10 am. That's followed by the Maker's Mart opening at 11 am and at the same time, we kick off live local music with a special, one-time-only performance by James & the Giant Jojos. #HairMetal

Music runs all day and into the evening with a host of Akron's best, from Gretchen Pleuss, Posture and Floco Torres to The Bizzaros, Coup de Grace and Time Cat. Plus, sneak peek performances of The Black Card Project and Rebranding the City.